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2013-12-17 18:39:44 by NecroEclipse

Hiya everyone i havent made a post in a long while i was moving again 3x this year but i think i found a home i'll be staying at but a mix the moving i have been dabbling in freestyle music making i have little bit of talent in it i make 8-bit tunes for people that care to use them with there mini games or short clips if they like them just be sure to credit me if you use them and message me in my inbox asking me frist that's all i ask thanks and remember shoot for those dreams. <----Me


2013-01-24 15:21:52 by NecroEclipse

it's been a very long time for me, but you know what i picked up some new skills. I'm going to be recording a small script i wrote i'm looking for someone to play a warrior part then i'm looking for a person that can draw the scene and make it come to life it's about a life of a solo PK player named Soxx IGN: (ShadowFoxx) He's little bit misunderstood he's kind you just need to get under that tough shell or figure him out he's a big softy not many friends in real life he moved to a new town and likes to be a little bit of a introvert. Other characters are in the story will be thought up if think of it pitch me a design and I'll work around it and it's a story that people contribute to, it will be a part of something i like to see peoples creativity flow.

(Meaning i will host skype calls for discussions, art, chapters, and many other things like voice talent. Art will be shared on my tumblr, and facebook all this will be discussed at a later date.)


2011-10-08 18:59:34 by NecroEclipse

so i haven't posted anything in a long while so figure post some good news. i got myself a playstation 3 yes yes i'll here all the fan bos argue xbox > ps3 i don't care for that silly fight if you have a PSN account and have games i have and want to just chill out in playstation home my PSN is Sinful-Nitemare i talk with tons of people and some times display my voice talent when asked or for kicks want to talk with me hit me up.


2011-07-19 16:53:58 by NecroEclipse

well good news to say i moved up to my old town and home and can't say i'm not happy because at the end of july i am going to otakon 11 with my friends i'm not cosplaying sadly but i am how everyn dressing werid <.< werid nah i dress like my self lol but if you look at my profile pic look for the red hair and skull mask on my name card it will say necroeclipse so i hope to see alot of people and remember don't be shy to talk to me i'm all way looking for friends soo say hi and ask me for my FB alright i have to go now keep yea posted on the great adventure that awaits me WOOOOOO.


2011-01-27 03:21:33 by NecroEclipse

i know I'm a little late but i have been busy looking for work and learn to get life settled but on the good note I POSTED NEW 4 NEW VA DEMO yayayayyay wooohooo wooo ahh who cares jk, if u like any of the voices you hears and want to write something for me to say in them pass me a note or if people are looking for people for voice work i am available when able so message me and i will see what i can do all right working on new voices so look out for the next VA DEMO.


2010-12-06 01:07:29 by NecroEclipse

FINALLY BACK after 2 months T-T . i know i haven't received messages and i know its because of my message i left. Now if there is voice you like me to do plz wait i need to get a new mic under the contestant UPS shipping they broke my headset so i will be getting a new mic so those that have projects they want me to work on i will have a new mic the middle of this month THANK YOU and GOOD NIGHT. <3 Necro

Moven Soon!!!!!!

2010-09-29 15:45:27 by NecroEclipse

i ahven't had ne time to work or help anyone sry but i'm moving to south Carolina and i will be down there for a long while lol so if your needing me for anything please leave me a PM i will get back to it as soon as i can <3 Necro


2010-06-26 16:54:01 by NecroEclipse

its a 3min and 5sec demo with all my voice i don't think i can do a 30sec demo but its a taste and the mic might sound off its because my other mic broke but its in the shop getting fixed but i hope to have it back and up and running again lol.

NEW XBOX 360!!!!!!

2010-06-15 18:23:40 by NecroEclipse

Got one care to add me its NecroEclipse666 imagine that lol thinking of buying MP so i change it to Necro Eclipse just need to get my name i got it the day before e3 so i got an elite for 250 with two controllers and not the gay games so care to add me send a message i'll get to it i'm heading out now but I'll be back on later peace.

New Voice Demo

2010-06-06 07:55:38 by NecroEclipse

What you heard right I'm working on a new voice i have been talking with friends and a few people and searching through paper work and video games and i figured out two voices I'm gonna try out a ff6 kefka and a megaman x zero my friends said i have the voice and insanity to do it so keep an eye open for the next voice demo so hang on to your seats its gonna be a bumpy ride. also i found online scripts with these char i'm gonna read them and try my hardest to make them sound has good or as good as i think i can lol.