2013-01-24 15:21:52 by NecroEclipse

it's been a very long time for me, but you know what i picked up some new skills. I'm going to be recording a small script i wrote i'm looking for someone to play a warrior part then i'm looking for a person that can draw the scene and make it come to life it's about a life of a solo PK player named Soxx IGN: (ShadowFoxx) He's little bit misunderstood he's kind you just need to get under that tough shell or figure him out he's a big softy not many friends in real life he moved to a new town and likes to be a little bit of a introvert. Other characters are in the story will be thought up if think of it pitch me a design and I'll work around it and it's a story that people contribute to, it will be a part of something i like to see peoples creativity flow.

(Meaning i will host skype calls for discussions, art, chapters, and many other things like voice talent. Art will be shared on my tumblr, and facebook all this will be discussed at a later date.)


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